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News from Wild Brother


 Wild Brother's Cody Hildebrand turns 73 fall of 2017

2017 cody turns 73


 This is Quick Joey Small (Joey).  He is the new addition to Wild Brothers skunk family. He is 5 weeks old at this photos.

Joey 1

joey 2

joey 3

joey 4



Kara & Spencer Hanady with their new Fennec Fox son Oliver 

oliver the fennec

  Oliver is six weeks old and was born on Valentines Day 2017.  He will be an out reach fox for the Spencer Park Avairy as well as their personel new family addition.  Everyone is in fennec fox love with Oliver.  He has a loving and outgoing personality which draws everyone who meet and loves him.  Congradulations Jeff, Kara & Spencer on your new fennec fox Oliver., and your Park.



Wild Brother's Double Stink Research Team

 Wild Brother's Double Stink Research Teams, Licensed Wild Skunk Rehabbers

(Left to Right) Kimberly Clark, Mike Kelly and Jerri Heiob.

 2017 rehabbers




Wildlife Experts Tom Tyrrell and Cody Hildebrand



Wildlife Expert Dave Kortakamp



Wildlife expert Nancy Haas 


mary jo mcclure and cocqui

Skunks are the most docile of animals on this Earth.  They are very intelligent, excel at problem solving.  they are curious, always
exploring.  They are even affectionate and loyal friends, wild as well as domestically bred.  They are almost defenseless, having only one piece of ammunition.  They do not have fighting claws.  They have digging claws as this is their main source of food.  Their legs are  stubby little things that would never outrun a carnivore or raptor, both of which eat skunks.  That leaves them with only one defense, famously. Humans do not seem to know that this spray of theirs is not deadly, nor harmful, nor does it last forever.  So, in their indomitable ignorance, they kill skunks every chance they get, on sight.

My purpose is to act as a Public Relations agent for  these animals who can not speak for themselves.  It is to show people how very docile they are.  How beautiful.  How playful and affectionate they can be. Therefore, I have dedicated my home and what acreage I have around my home to the care and protection of these beautiful animals.  Always, it is my intention to demystify the skunk, and get people not to fear them on sight, but to enjoy them when ever and where ever they come upon them.  And by the way, skunks like to be sung to. Try that the next time you meet a skunk on a hike.

Afton Roch



Wildlife Expert Dr. Susan Stainback PHD, MS.



Rescues in 2014 and Tom Tyrrells Long Horned Cattle Farm

rescues 6








In Other News...

Arnie with goose

On July 11th we received a call from our local Police Dept about a two car accident that also involved A Canadian Goose. Both vehicles had extensive damage, and the Goose also did not go unscaved. The Goose although injured was alert . It was decieded to take it to Dr. Bob Dahlhausen D.V.M.M,S. who is an Avian Specialist. It was determined that the Goose had no broken bones, but a good bump on its head from the collision with one or both cars.
We then transferred Her/him to a liscened Rehabber for follow up and a few days of rest and observation. Last update was that the Goose was eating and drinking, but still a little shakey on its legs. What a beautiful bird. We wish it the best of luck. Cody & Arn



Ripley and Fable

Ripley and Fable 


Arnold and New Fox


 Hi, wanted to share pictures of our new Fennec Kids. They are brother and sister. They are from the famouse linage of Fennec Foxes from Sheri Hanna of Exotic Endeavors of Cammarillo California. Their names are Ripley and Fable. They are both very sweet and layed back. Our home is filled with the sounds of baby foxes. Music to our ears. Cody & Arnold





In Memory of Moses, Ricky the Fennec Fox's best friend.

Born August 6, 2004- Passed July 25, 2013 of kidney failure.  Moses was a beautiful Tri Colored Sheltie. He loved kids, and greeting Park guest at Hueston Woods State Park Campground in Oxford Ohio. His outgoing ways earned him his volunteer name Tag given him by Lori, Campground Supervisor.  Moses laughed every day and brought joy to everyone who knew him.  Ricky was only a small fox kit when he and Moses first met.  They became fast friends.  Moses would sit beside Ricky's stroller and guard Ricky from harm.  Moses was the Sheltie Son of Pet Parents Bobbie and Butch Cremeans formally of Millville, Ohio.
He is sadly missed by all.


Ricky the Fennec Fox

ricky in braces1   Ricky in braces 2

Hi everyone. Wanted to share these pictures with you of our Ricky the Fennec Fox. Ricky had developed a problem with his Carparel Bones in his front legs that have not healed satisfactory for him to walk properly. We had to turn to braces for added support. The braces are left on Ricky about nine hours a day, and taken off at night. We also wrap his legs with cast wrap befor putting on his braces. This gives him added comfort. He tolerates the braces very well. And walks very well in them. We want to let everyone know of the possibilities of wildlife being able to benefit from supports such as these. We also want everyone to be aware That all animals might not tolerate bandages or braces. It depends on the animals temperment. Owners must at least try to work with any pet to see if animal will accept aids such as these. But they really do make Ricky's quality of life better. Braces are cat size because Ricky's legs were shorter than a small breed of dog. Braces were obtained from Orthovet.com  Cost were $67.00 each. Custom molded braces can cost between $2500.00 -$3000.00  But they carry several generic sizes that might work.   Cody Hildebrand....

cyclone 2013 pic

Cyclone the Fennec Fox enjoys a biscuit bone that Cody brought him.



Miss Thing1

This is Little Miss Thing
 She is so vocal
Every time she eats she lifts her back legs like this!

little miss thing 2 




This Possum has Taken Up Residence
in Mom's Outdoor Cat House.
Don't Think It Has Plans To Leave Anytime Soon!




Hi. Wanted to share this with you. Sunday night I went out to feed my fish, we have a small 4X8 pond 18 inches deep in the front of our home next to our front porch. We have a big Bull Frog, 10 inches long, 4 inches wide, in our small pond. I noticed that something was floating in the pond. I went over and saw that it was the Bull Frog, DEAD. I got something to remove the frog from the water. BUT, thier was something attached to the frog. I finally found out what is was. Apparently this big frog attacked a sparrow bird that was getting its self a drink out of the pond. It swallowed the birds head up to its shoulders. But the mouthful of bird, choaked the frog. So they both died. I am sending you the pictures of the frog/bird demise. Courtesy of Max, our neighbor, .  Thought you would like to see this rare picture. Although Bull Frogs will eat about anything, baby ducks ect. and now apparently birds. BEWARE OF THE BULLFROG! We may be next. 
Cody & Arnold Hildebrand ( Wild Brother Animal Behavior Study) 





 HOUSE CALL Dr. Robert Dahlhausen DVM.MS. of The Avian And Exotic Medical Center Of Ohio , makes a home visit to do a check up for Cody and Arnold,s Fennec Fox ( Ricky). Arnolds holds Vicki Staton,s Fennec Fox Zanta, also being checked.

vicky staton

Left to Right Vicki Staton and her Fennec Fox Zanta, Dr. Robert Dahlhausen, DVM MS , Cody Hildebrand and her Fennec Fox Ricky.



Ricky catches a few ZZZZZZ, in bed with Mom.



Halloween IN OHIO STATE PARKS Cody and Arnold Hildebrand take part in Ohio State Park,s Hueston Woods, and Eastfork, plus Indianna,s Mounds State Parks 2011 Halloween activities. Dressed as Billy The Exterminator employees, they gave out candy and were a big hit with the kids Trick Or Treating while also educating park guest to how to injoy the parks and thier wildlife.



Ricky lives the good life.


dr. bob

Dr Bob takes a better look at Zanta.



Ricochet ( Ricky) injoys a snak , with former CET TV,S Sherry Seargent who is one of Ricky,s (Girl friends)


george divoky

Monoturing climate change and Artic Sea birds. Cody and Arnold Hildebrand meet world renouned Scientest, Researcher and Climatologist George Divoky PH.D and Director of ( Friends Of Cooper Island). The primary goal of George Divoky and Friends Of Cooper Island, a non profit scientific organization, is to compile and distribute Cooper Island research for currant and future Researchers studying climate change and other Artic Phenomena. The organization is developing public Out Reach Programs for both children and adults.The story of Cooper Island,s Black Guillemonts brings home the issue of climate change in a way that is not possible by the  recital of physical changes in Atmosphere or Oceanographic conditions. Visit ( Friends Of Cooper Island) for a more indept understanding of George Divoky,s work.


Seasons Greetings From Wild Brother!

merry christmas

Hi everyone. Skunk Research began last march with the wild skunks mating season. Even with cold wet weather many wild skunks were out and about. On our very first night out our attention was raised by the sound of growling and screaming. Recognizing the sounds of two skunks in the darkness, we carefully approached the area. What was first thought to be a fight between two male skunks was actually two skunks in the process of mating. We began filming the two despite the spraying from the small female directed at the large male skunk with less than endearing moves. The very rough ritual was compounded by the difference of size of the very small female in comparison to the larger male skunk. We remained on scene to insure that the aggressive male skunk did not injure or kill the little female. After wards it was business as usual, driving the parks nine mile perimeter and working very late into the night and early morning hours. We did film several skunks over the weeks to come. In June through July we were once again very busy filming and observing the new baby skunks exploring their new surroundings. We were also very busy shuttling baby skunks and other wildlife that were either orphans or sick or injured to various licensed Rehabbers. Spring here in Ohio this year was very wet and cold. We saw a lot of baby skunks with upper respiratory conditions. Then the weather took a turn of very hot temperatures that affected the young animals with over heating and heat exhaustion. Sadly both weather related extremes were the main cause of the low numbers of surviving skunk and other wildlife births this past year. It was in our opinion, that the areas that we have researched for the past five years were down in their skunk population as well as raccoon and opossums. In contrast, we were contacted by a State Park in Indiana, that they were seeing a rise in their skunk population. We did begin some research in Indiana in late August until November when we stopped regular night outings for this year. We will return once again to Indiana in March of 2012. We managed to present a few specials programs to the public along with our regular hosting of our City's ( Springdale's Gone Wild) Wildlife series from March through April of 2011. We also took part in two Ohio State Parks and one Indiana State Park's Halloween Festivities. Arnold and I dressed up as employees of Vexcon from the ( Billy The Exterminator ) TV series. We were a hit with the trick R Treating kids in the Parks. We gave out lots of candy, and a good time was had by all. Special assignments this summer were the filming of a mother skunk and her five babies under a home owners porch, a family of skunks eating with the cats at a horse stable, and while on over night research in Hueston Woods at our Base Camp, we had a skunk come and visit us while sitting at the camp fire. The skunk was soon joined by a mother Raccoon and her babies. We filmed them all eating closely together. One young raccoon boldly sniffed the skunks butt. Happily all of us enjoyed the remainder of the campfire's warmth ,the skunk and raccoons retiring to the darkness of the forest. And us to our tent for a welcomed rest. From the two of us here at Wild Brother, have a very Merry Christmas and the best to all of you in the New Year, Cody & Arnold Hildebrand . 

Wild Brother's Cody Hildebrand meets with Billy the Exterminator of the A&E Network recently. Billy the Exterminator's program is Ricky the Fennec Fox's favorite show.

Billy the Exterminator

Seasons Greetings from Wild Brother

2011 christmas card


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