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Dillan's New Years Resolutions 
I will eat my food more slowly, so not to burp loudly and pass gas.
I will not bite my sister Kelsey’s toes, and cause her to scream.
I will not cause mayhem in the kitchen with others, by disrupting my eldest sister Jasmen’s sleep, and running about the room knocking down others and tripping mom.
I will try to remember that the potty is in the far corner, and not wait until it is too late and leave a treasure to be cleaned up.
I will not climb up on chairs and take Dad’s articles from the table.
I will share my toys.
I will come when mom calls me, instead of saying “See Ya” and running the other way.
Lastly, I will try harder to be a good boy, and reduce my trips to the naughty seat.
All of the above are pending (depending if I want to or not). NOT!!
And oh yes, the best to all of you,
Dillan Hildebrand
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